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artist statement

I have always made art. I was lucky enough to grow up in an artistic household where my siblings and I were  encouraged to make art of all kinds always. My holidays growing up were filled with drawing competitions between my sister and me, making Plaster of Paris shells with moulds, and tie dying t-shirts. When I was 8 years old I asked Santa for a Nintendo for Christmas and instead he gave me a video camcorder. Being the director, filmmaker and starring actor of my videos, I barely put the camera down- even now. In my art practice I continue to expand on my archive by using the same camera to capture all things- mundane and contrived. 


I am always making art. “Everything is art, everything is politics”- Ai Wei Wei. Everything, to me, is art. I make art about me, my family, and my home. A catharsis. My art is funny, naïve, confusing and confronting. My art is connection: within myself and with others. 



Sydney, Australia

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